Ughi e Nunziante is a full-service law firm with over 70 lawyers based on Milan and Rome. Our size and footprint enable us to provide highly specialized and cost-effective legal advice, while maintaining the personal relationship that our clients value. Ughi e Nunziante was founded in 1969 to bring together professionals with significant international experience, creating one of Italy’s first multi-practice and multi-office law firms. Since then, Ughi e Nunziante has left its mark on the history of business law in Italy by working for leading national and multinational organizations and companies on their most important matters. Our strength lies in our cross-disciplinary structure, ensuring that we bring a 365-degree point of view to every matter. In transactions, disputes, and everyday advice, our clients count on Ughi e Nunziante as a trusted partner in reaching their business goals.
Gianluigi Pugliese
Filippo Mazza
Andrea Ughi